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Modelling Dynamic Landforms

In addition to field-based assessments, GEO Morphix uses in-house and commercial models to address hydraulic and morphological questions. Modelling is an excellent tool that allows estimation of future conditions and evaluation of alternative scenarios. We often utilize modelling to complement insight gained from desktop historical assessments and field measurement.

Our services include:

  • Sediment transport modelling

  • Scour analysis

  • Watershed scale sediment routing

  • Erosion threshold assessments in support of stormwater management

  • Landscape evolution modelling

  • Two- and three-dimensional flow modelling

Contact Us

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Head Office (GTA):

36 Main St. N.
PO Box 205
Campbellville, ON
Canada L0P 1B0


Ottawa Office:

83 Little Bridge St, Unit 12

PO Box 292
Almonte, ON
Canada K0A 1A0


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